Image of Fundraiser: Lip Care & More

Fundraiser: Lip Care & More

$8.00 - $45.00



We are excited to announce the launch of our new lip care line. However, we need your support to continue making the best products possible & we need to upgrade equipment to keep up with production. This fundraiser is just the beginning of our journey towards achieving our goal. Please help us spread the word and support our cause.

All products will be flavored and naturally colored. No flavor with the unflavored option


1 oz Lip Balm
1 oz Lip Scrub
1 oz Lip Mask
2 oz Shea Butter Body Balm (pictures will be up momentarily)

You can order Single Items or choose a...

*Gift Sets*: Make this a special gift to yourself or someone you know.

*Lip Bundle: Lip Balm, Lip Scrub, and Lip Mask(Choose your flavor)

*Lip Bundle w Shea Beauty Balm: Lip Balm, Lip Scrub, and Lip Mask with Shea Butter Beauty Balm (Choose your flavor). With this option just select the bundle and flavor

All the ingredients have been carefully selected to ensure the desired quality and results.


Unflavored- No flavor added.
Chocolate Chip- Infused with natural Cacao
Caramel Apple- Infused with Apple Extract
Strawberry Cream- infused with Strawberry Extract
Watermelon- infused with Watermelon Extract


How to Order
Please choose from the pull-down menu to select your specific choices.

For example:
If you select "Shea Beauty Balm Only" choose from the other pull-down menus to select the same selection to move to the next step in purchasing. If you need more than one of the same product, you must go to your shopping cart for that adjustment.

Other ways of paying or donating

PayPal Me:

Thank you so much for your support

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