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Beautiful Skin Body Polish


RaeMarie Essentials collection of Body Polishes in natural variations. Our polishes now have been **reformulated for customers who can not use sugar or sea salt on their skin for health reasons. All of our polishes are in their natural state meaning we use quality ingredients with no artificial dyes or parabens that may irritate sensitive skin.

The texture of this formula is very luxurious and has other exfoliates other than the usual sugar content that is used in body polishes. There is no sugar or sea salt due to health concerns if anyone has diabetes or if anyone can not use either ingredient at all.

RME Polishes are nonleaking when exfoliating while nourishing, moisturizing, firm, and toned with a natural glow and suppleness. The textures are different depending on the nature of the polish, but all are smooth, with a mild/medium abrasive feel when using it. You can apply it to the skin after you pat dry from cleansing to get the full effect of this polish or leave your skin wet to keep on pampering.

We are targeting normal, sensitive, oily, mature & dry skin. Please do not use it on broken skin. Choose according to your preference with these pampering-feeling Body Polishes to glam up to.

Always shower or bathe before using a body polish to ensure no dead cell residue will be on the skin. Apply a small amount to your palm, massaging gently into the skin using a circular motion, concentrating on rough, dry areas. Also, use it as a hand treatment, rub hands together to create gentle warmth, and massage gently on top of hands and cuticles. Rinse skin thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Always use a moisturizer to protect your skin further after exfoliating.

Body scrubs and polishes are used two to three times a week, and rubbing in a circular motion to rid of dead skin cells, ingrown hairs, and bumpy skin. Use body polishes before shaving for the best results.

**For diabetics, Please consult your physician before using sugar or sea salt products. We now have a neutral formula for you.


Berry Lemonade- Natural antioxidant, Blueberry exfoliates, cleanses, and nourishes while leaving skin refreshed, firm, and toned with a natural glow and suppleness. It has a nice, mild abrasive & luscious texture. Smells amazing!!

Chamomile Rose Sea Salt-

Cherry Almond-

Coco Crush-

Coffee & Cream


Lavender Ylang-

Lemon Buttercream-

Passion Sea Salt-

Peach Me-

Toffee Apple-


12 oz PET container weighs between 15-16 oz of product.

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