Passion Sea Salt Bundle


We absolutely love this set! You will smell so luxurious. Passion comes from the natural Maracuja oil that has been infused with Moringa to make our decadent sea salt scrub. The purpose of using sea salt scrubs is to provide your skin with great dead skin removal as salt has a stronger grip to provide more exfoliation where it's needed such as on the feet, knees, elbows, and hands.

** All scrubs come in a neutral formula as well. The texture of this formula is very luxurious and has exfoliates other than the usual sugar content that is used in body polishes. It has no sugar or sea salt due to health concerns if anyone has diabetes or if anyone can not use either ingredient at all.

Also, if you don't have delicate skin by all means use it once or twice a week to bask in its goodness because dead sea salts provide minerals, and excellent cleansing properties and you will reap an ongoing glow about your skin.

Bonus, dead sea salts don't dry out your skin!! Our body polish is very moisturizing but rinses well leaving you clean, silky & moisturized.

Our Dead Sea Salts have been ground to a finer grade so that they can be used like a body polish. The larger grade Dead Sea Salts are used to soak your feet or body in a tub of water, so with that being said, you can dump out your body polish under running water to soak in as well.

**Those who are diabetic, please consult with your physician to make sure it's safe for you and please do not use it on broken skin

The Bundle Includes:

19 oz Sea Salt Body Polish
4 oz Body Oil
8 oz Shea Butter Body Creme.

We will be adding soap to this bundle. Please Recycle