Coco Crush Body Bundle

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New and Improve Coco Crush is our sensual bath and body which will have heads turning as it leaves your skin sensually fragrant, with soft smooth results. It's going to be your little secret.

Shimmery Body Polish leaves a silky smooth result on the skin. No oily, heavy feel.

Our Shimmery Dry Oil provides a smooth and silky feel without leaving any oily residue. It can also be applied as a highlighter on your cheekbones for a lovely glow. If you use your hands for application, be sure to rinse them to prevent any residue from transferring onto your clothing.
Tools to use: blending brush or hands.

This set does not have a Neutral Formula option.

Set Includes:

16oz Coco Crush Shimmery Body Polish

4 oz Coco Crush Shimmery Dry Oil

8 oz Coco Crush Shea Butter Creme