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Lavender Ylang Body Bundle


Lavender Ylang beautifully marries the other with lovely floral notes that will have you wanting more.

Set off your skin routine with our lovely, made-with-love skin essentials to bathe in. Choose from our scent list to cater to your senses, relax, to make the day yours. Each of our essentials is designed to improve your skin texture, tone, and elasticity. Share this self-care set with your daughters, mom, or wife, or give yourself a gift to cater to. After all, your skin will thank you.

All scrubs come in a neutral formula as well. The texture of this formula is very luxurious and has other exfoliates other than the usual sugar content that is used in body polishes. It has no sugar or sea salt due to health concerns if anyone has diabetes or if anyone can not use either ingredient at all.

15 oz. body polish
4-ounce size body oil
8-ounce Shea Body Creme

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