African Black Soap Bars

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African Black Soap Bars. For all skin types. Use to clarify and smooth blemishes.

Our African Black Soap bars are rebatched with extra goodness infused to help benefit our skin further. African Black soap, is a natural source of vitamins A & E.

-Turmeric & Black Cumin. Turmeric is known to clear up blemishes while Black Cumin smoothed texture skin.

We love these bars as it replenishes our skin. Handmade with love. Take care to dry the soap on an airy soap dish or soap saver to save the soap due to the nature of this soap. Do not use Black soap directly on your skin to prevent possible scarring due to the camwood that may be infused into this type of soap.

How to use it for sensitive skincare: Keep the soap in an airy soap dish or use your own soap bag. If you like, cut your desired size to use.

-Clean your hands before touching your face or any part of the body that's inflamed or infected.
- Use your cloth, sponge, and face pad, to wet & sud the soap into it to get it how foamy you want. Massage the soap onto the skin to clean the infected area. Rinse your cloth or sponge out with Aloe Vera juice or vinegar water to clear out any soap left over. Then carefully wipe the soap residue off your skin. Repeat the vinegar rinse method if needed. Use another clean cloth to pat dry, then moisturize immediately using one of RaeMarie Essentials moisturizers.

To regulate the Ph in eczema skin follow the instructions below. This is from my experience to help our skin from flaring up, itchy, or dry.

To make Aloe Vera Juice:
Cut your Aloe Vera Leaf to spoon out the pulp. Rinse off the Aloe. Add the pulp to your blender with 1/2C of distilled water. Blend till smooth. Strain into a clean vessel to store your Aloe juice. Keep this stored in your fridge. Use as frequently as you want to cleanse your skin away from the debris from being out in the environment. This will prevent inflammation and itchy skin without having to use soap all the time.

Vinegar Rinse: Use 1 TBSP to 1C of distilled water. Do not use it on open cuts as it may sting, but it doesn't hurt to try. Use this to wipe the skin clean to prevent inflammation and itchy skin without using soap all the time.

Country Origin: Ghana
Packaged and sealed 5.5 to 6 oz bars