Unrefined Moringa oil has a pale green/yellow hue with a lovely mild nutty scent. Also, Moringa has high amounts of behenic acid, vitamins A & C, it has an impressive antioxidant content making it stable. Great for the face, and sensitive skin & great for the scalp. Moringa oil strengthens hair roots, conditions, and repairs & nourishes weak, damaged hair. Soothing, conditioning, and relieving oil.
-Hot Oil Treatment
-Soothes sensitive scalp (dandruff, cradle cap)
-Natural hair conditioner
-soothes, and calms dry, sensitive skin
-calms down sensitive scalp (cradle cap) & dandruff
Keep oil in a cool, dry location. This oil may solidify in cooler temps. Run warm water to loosen the oil. This will not damage the benefits of Moringa Oil. Shelf Life 2 yrs.

Ingredients: Moringa Oleifera
Origin: Ghana

1-ounce amber glass dropper bottle