Luscious Cucumber Soap



Shampoo, facial bar & body bar

To use as a facial treatment using this soap: Wet your skin, then lather the soap bar until it forms a foamy paste on the targeted area and leave on for 2-3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Follow up with your preferred toner, and finish by applying a moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

When bathing or showering, use a wet sponge or pouf to lather the soap. Apply the foam to wet skin, wash as required, rinse thoroughly, and follow up with moisturizer.

Hair Shampoo- On natural hair, it defines curly & fine hair, scalp cleanser & hydrator. Leaves scalp & hair it feeling refreshed

Cucumber Peel, rich in Vitamin C, has hydrating, skin-toning properties and soothes the skin

-Vitamin B3, brightens, promotes even skin tone, hydrates, smooths textured skin, tightens pores

-Moringa, Age well with this ingredient as this ingredient improves smoothness and firmness. It’s a natural antimicrobial that helps to combat breakouts by preventing them from forming.

-Brazilian Green Clay- Natural astringent that controls excessive oiliness, soothes irritating skin and improves skin elasticity. For Normal to oily skin

I have combination skin, and using it on my face is wonderful. I use a moisturizer when my skin is slightly wet.

I’ve used this soap as a face or body soap. My OCD side: I never use the same soap for both.