Jamaican Castor Oil- UNREFINED


Our rich oil has a beautiful natural amber color and a dark, nutty scent. Our castor oil is grown and processed from organic castor beans in Jamaica. Black castor oil can be applied to help relieve ear problems, stimulate hair growth, and be used on baggy eyes/dark circles. Also, Jamaican Castor Oil helps fade away the dark spots by piercing the dark skin tissues and fighting them to make them clear. Furthermore, this oil unclog pores by dissolving the dirt beneath making it ideal for oily & dry skin. Also, this oil is great moisturizer for eczema, psoriasis skin types to improve skin texture.

Uses: as hot oil treatment prior to shampooing. Natural hair and relaxed hair can benefit from using this oil. Thickens hair as this oil encourages hair growth, nourishes hair softens the skin, and nail care.

Use as a facial night treatment so it's well absorbed by your skin overnight:
After your night time cleansing routine, apply a small amount to massage into your skin. If your skin is prone to blemishes and breakouts, remove any excess with a face cloth moistened with warm water after 5 to 10 minutes.

Keep oil in a cool, dry location. Do not refrigerate. Shelf Life 2 yrs.

Ingredient: Ricinus communis
Origin: Jamaica $10.00

1-ounce amber glass dropper bottle