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Organic Mafura Butter

Organic Mafura Butter

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Mafura Butter is a creamy, moisturizing butter with nutty undertones. Cold processed from the seeds of the Cape Mahogany Tree. Mafura butter is a very effective hair and skin conditioner. It absorbs well into the skin and is said to have antimicrobial/anti-inflammatory properties. The effects of using Mafura butter on the hair, it leaves your hair bouncy and shiny. Also, rejuvenates damaged hair and prevents brittle hair from breaking while restoring hair elasticity and softening the hair cuticles, promoting more manageable hair. A great butter for low porosity hair. This butter can be used as hot oil treatment, hair conditioner, leave-in conditioner, skin moisturizer as it aids in skin problems such as eczema and treats cracked soles of the feet. This head-to-toe butter will not clog pores, it just delivers smooth results. Keep cool, dry location.

In summer weather, this butter will liquefy. Just pop in the fridge to set. This by no means hinders the quality of the butter. Appearance: tan-brownish to golden yellow soft butter ( I have Mafura in both color appearances. Beautiful butter. 2 ounces

INCI: Mafura Butter (Trichilia Emetica) Origin: Tanzania Shelf Life: 2-3 yrs.

Also packaged in the 2-ounce thick wall glass jars.

Please recycle COVID UPDATE ON PACKAGING: packaging is difficult to come by, so I may at times improvise with jars or await on shipment but will notify you all if there will be a change.

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  • Extended Skin Care

    We have a collection you can start with to begin your skincare regimen with Mafura Butter. You will be amazed of how this butter can be your next best thing to having remarkable skin and hair. This set includes Mafura Butter, Mafura Soap Bar, and Mafura Velvet Facial and Neck Cream

    Mafura Butter Skincare