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Berry Lemonade Body Bundle

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Berry Lemonade- Natural antioxidant, Blueberry exfoliates, cleanses, and nourishes while leaving skin refreshed, firm, and toned with a natural glow and suppleness. It has a nice, mild abrasive & luscious texture. Although it may smell delicious, it is not meant for consumption. Smells amazing!!

Enhance your skincare routine with our delightful range of skin essentials that are crafted with love. Pick your favorite fragrance from our list to indulge your senses and unwind, making your day all the more special. Our essentials are skillfully formulated to enhance your skin's texture, tone, and elasticity. Share this self-care kit with your loved ones, or treat yourself to a well-deserved gift. Your skin will love you for it!

The neutral formula for all scrubs is quite luxurious in texture and contains additional exfoliants beyond the usual sugar found in body polishes. To accommodate health concerns for individuals with diabetes or those who cannot use sugar or sea salt, this formula is entirely free of both ingredients.

15 oz. body polish
4-ounce size body oil
8-ounce Shea Body Creme

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